Asume aadressil - Lootsi 10 Tallinn.


It all began in 2012 when we opened our first restaurant, which quickly became one of the most popular street-food places in Tallinn. Word spread across the capital and beyond and soon we were forced to open a bigger place to accommodate all the hungry burger friends. A few years later chef Martin came up with the idea of offering mini burgers accompanied by a hand-selected choice of beers. Unfortunately, our original kitchen would have been too small to expand the concept, so we opened another small place in the Old Town – the Mini Burger Factory. After operating there for 1,5 years we learned that the Old Town is alive only during summertime – winters were too quiet yet in the summer we were constantly packed due to a small number of seats. Because we were already looking for new rooms for the Estonian Burger Factory, we thought that combining the two restaurants would be a perfectly sound idea. Therefore in 2019, we moved both our places to Lootsi 10, in the courtyard of the Koch Gardens. Our new restaurant has around 75 seats and offers a cozy, warm and pleasant atmosphere for all our guests. And as a bonus, you can get 2 hours of free parking as well!


We are the first restaurant in Estonia who in 2016 notified the Veterinary and Food Board of our intentions to start using organic products in our kitchen. In 2017 we applied for and received a certificate which proves that 20-50% of the products we use are organic. All our burger patties, steaks, and other beef and lamb products are organic! We use only halal chicken and free-range eggs. Although we are a predominantly burger and street food restaurant, we do offer a range of salads and several vegan options as well. In addition to the food, we offer local organic soft drinks, craft beers, -ciders and -kvass. Of course, our drink menu would not be complete without organic wines and prosecco. In the winter our clients love to keep themselves warm with organic herbal teas that originate from southern Estonia. We rate highly the use of local products, high quality in food, healthiness, and keeping our environment safe! We implore you to prefer eating in our restaurant to ordering for takeaway – let’s preserve the Estonian restaurant culture!

Dear customers, we look forward to seeing you!


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